Uncover your potential
risk for serious

CDPATH is a personalized prognostic tool for Crohn's disease. That means it can help predict your unique chance of developing serious Crohn’s disease-related complications* within 3 years.

CDPATH gives you and your healthcare provider (HCP) information you need to be more proactive about your disease management.

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Why it’s important to get ahead of potential Crohn’s disease complications

With Crohn's disease, underlying inflammation can cause your condition to get worse over time. So, the earlier you and your HCP can understand your potential risk for serious complications, the better you can partner to manage your care. Potential serious complications can include and may lead to:

Bowel strictures, surgery, and fistulas.
*CDPATH defines serious complications as any fistulas or strictures in your bowels or any surgery in your bowels other than the area in or around the anus.

CDPATH helps you be more proactive about your Crohn's disease

The sooner you and your HCP can understand your potential risk for serious complications, the better you can partner to manage your care.

CDPATH results are prognostic but not a conclusion or guarantee. You and your HCP should not rely solely on the risk predictions from CDPATH to make a clinical diagnosis or treatment decision.

CDPATH is individualized to you

CDPATH combines important information about your disease into a personalized risk profile to help you and your HCP decide what's next. Information used to generate CDPATH results (and why) include:

Time since you were diagnosed:

The risk of developing serious complications can increase with time.

Location of your Crohn's disease:

Some locations are more likely to lead to complications than others.

Levels of certain antibodies in your blood:

An antibody is a protein the body produces to help fight harmful substances. CDPATH measures the level of 4 specific antibodies to help provide a picture of the seriousness of your disease.

Whether you have a certain gene:

The gene called NOD2 SNP13 (1007fs) can indicate a higher chance of serious Crohn's-related complications.

Your HCP should consider your CDPATH risk profile along with their clinical assessment and together, you can better collaborate on the management of your Crohn’s disease.

Your personalized report will include a risk prediction chart

Sample charts for low, medium, and high Crohn's disease risk profiles.
Here are 3 sample CDPATH reports showing the potential risk of serious complications over a 3-year period. Your chart will be based on your individual results.

CDPATH empowers you to better manage your Crohn's disease

Crohn's disease is chronic, unpredictable, and can often feel overwhelming. Flares can happen without warning, so it's hard to know when symptoms will come and go and whether they'll be mild or severe. With CDPATH, you can have personalized, predictive test results that can help inform you and your HCP about what your potential risk could be and determine how to better manage it.

Better understanding

of your disease and the risks it brings

Better collaboration

with your HCP on decisions that matter

Better planning

with personalized, predictive insights