Driving change in Crohn's disease management with predictive modeling

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Individualized Results.
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Graphical example of high, medium, and low risk of serious Crohn's disease complications over 3 years.

Empowering a personalized approach to Crohn’s disease management

Patients with Crohn’s disease can progress unpredictably, making disease management challenging. The ability to understand a diagnosed adult patient's individual risk offers the potential to personalize disease management and make it more proactive.1-3

CDPATH is a data-driven prognostic tool that uses a novel algorithm to deliver individualized results that can help predict a patient's risk of disease progression, allowing for a more effective shared decision-making experience.

Healthcare professionals (HCPs) should not rely primarily on the risk predictions from CDPATH to make a clinical diagnosis or treatment decision regarding an individual patient.3

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The CDPATH risk assessment tool was developed and validated by Prometheus Laboratories Inc., a partner of Takeda. Test results are provided via Prometheus Laboratories Inc. to healthcare providers.2