Offered at no cost to eligible Crohn's disease patients1

Takeda is committed to making a meaningful difference in the lives of patients with Crohn's disease. With its potential to better inform and personalize the management of Crohn’s disease, CDPATH is provided at no cost to patients who meet the following eligibility criteria:

18 years or older, diagnosed within the last 10 years

Eligibility provides for 1 CDPATH test per patient

Have not yet experienced a serious Crohn’s-related complication. Serious complications include bowel strictures, internal penetrating disease (such as internal fistulas, abscesses, or bowel perforations) or Crohn's related bowel surgery (excluding perianal surgery). Patients with perianal fistulas may be eligible for CDPATH testing.

On a commercial healthcare plan or uninsured. Beneficiaries of any state or federal health insurance program (including, but not limited to, Medicare, Medicaid, Department of Veterans Affairs, Coast Guard, Public Health Service, or Department of Defense) are excluded from participating in this program.

Takeda will cover blood draw costs at participating locations for eligible patients

Takeda has made arrangements to cover blood draw costs at participating locations. Non-participating locations (such as an HCP’s office) can be used for the blood draw. However, phlebotomy-related costs incurred at these locations would not be covered by Takeda. Takeda would still cover blood shipping to processing laboratory and CDPATH test processing. A list of participating locations is available on the locator tool.